Free Software Tools

The following software tools complement our commercial tools and are available for free download.

We wrote these tools to allow us to build Coverage Validator, Memory Validator, Performance Validator and Thread Validator.

After a while started using these tools to debug customer problems as well as internal problems.

It’s a logical next step to make these tools available to a wider audience. If these tools help solve a problem for you, that’s great.

No nagware

All of these tools are free (Except Bug Validator). Download them, they’ll run forever, with no licence key, no nagware, no bloatware, and no trial licence. Want to know why they are free?

Bug Validator won’t run forever, as it’s perpetually in a state of experimentation, and is updated periodically, via email notifications.

If you have any ideas for other free tools, please contact to let us know.

Tools by activity

We’ve organised the tools by related tasks.

Some tools fall into more than one group, so you may see them repeated on this page, once for each group they are in.

Automated Build

Tools that can be run from the GUI or the command line, that can find and fix problems with your Visual Studio projects and automate your builds.

Automated Testing

Tools that can be run from the GUI or the command line, and that can be dropped into your smoke tests, regression tests, continuous integration tests. Catch and prevent bugs before they enter production!

Memory Usage Analysis

Tools for analysing memory usage and page faults.

Thread Monitoring

Tools for analysing threading behaviour, automatically finding locking errors and for analysing your source code for common thread locking mistakes.

Execution Tracing

Tools for analysing application flow and observing anomalous behaviour.

Debug Information Tools

Tools for analysing debugging information.

Minidump Tools

Tools for creating, inspecting and visualising minidumps and event logs.

Visual Studio Tools

Tools for automating Visual Studio. Tools for fixing problems with Visual Studio projects.

Mistake Detection Tools

Tools for identifying mistakes made by tired software engineers.

Python Tools

Legacy Python tools for code coverage, memory leak detection, and performance profiling.

Fully functional, free for 30 days