Map File Browser

Are you tired of manually turning crash addresses into symbols? Do you know how to read a MAP file?

Manually looking up a crash address in a MAP file, performing the calculations to identify which segment + offset combination maps to which symbol, and then identifying the symbol that matches the crash address is slow, boring and error prone process.

MAP File Browser is an interactive MAP file viewer and crash address converter, reading MAP files for Visual Studio, C++ Builder, Delphi, gcc and g++.

Map File Browser


You can filter the map file symbols by function/data name allowing you to quickly and easily find the symbols of interest.

Filtering Symbols

Filtered map file symbols

Interactive query

Once you’ve loaded your .map file an interactive query browser allows you to find the right symbol for four different crash address calculations:

  • Absolute crash address. You know the address of the crash and the load address of the DLL containing that address.
    Query Map File Symbol By Absolute Address Dialog With Data
  • DLL relative crash address. You know the crash offset inside the DLL
    Query Map File Symbol By DLL Relative Address Dialog With Data
  • Symbol relative crash address. You know the crash offset from a symbol inside the DLL.
    Map file symbol relative dialog
  • XML Data from a Windows event log crash event.
    Query map file Symbol By Event Viewer XML Crash Log Dialog With Data

MAP files may be human readable, but they come in different formats for each compiler and linker you use, and knowing how to read a MAP file correctly and doing that reliably all the time is hard work. People make mistakes with tasks like this – the common mistake is assuming the wrong segment for the relative address.

Doing this in reverse, which you need to do to look up symbols, is even harder. That’s why we wrote MAP File Browser – to make our own debugging experience easier.

Get started now. Load your map file and find the crash location in a few minutes.

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