Software Change History

Click the links show below to view the change history for any product. Change histories for beta products are not shown below.

Not only do we introduce new functionality on a rapid basis, but we also fix any bugs and release the bug fixes on a timely basis. You will not be kept waiting for the next product release or service pack in 6 months time if you choose our products.

Customers are provided with access to a secure download area to download bug fixes and product updates as soon as they are released from testing. This means you have access to the same software we use internally at Software Verify on the same day we release the software for public use.

In addition, if you have any feature requests, we will take them seriously and implement them if they complement the functionality in our existing products.

A number of customer suggested features are present in the list of changes shown below.

All customers requested features are shown in blue. We have added this colour coding so that you can see that we really do listen to our customers. Feature requests made during beta testing are not listed in blue although they are present in the list. If you want a feature because another vendor has let you down please ask us. There are features listed below that have been requested in competing products, but which the vendor could not see the purpose.

.Net and C++, Delphi, VB, Fortran 95 change history

Free software tools change history

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