Licence Information

We often get asked about our software licensing policy.

We’re going to describe:

  • Per-user licences
  • Floating licences
  • Using a software tool on a server machine (automated testing)
  • Licence key format
  • Licence ID format

Per-user/Non-floating Licences

Per-user licences are licensed, as the name indicates per user.

You need one licence for each person that will use the software.

Per-user licences are permanent licences. They run forever, not for 30 days, not for 1 year.

Floating/Concurrent/Network Licences

Floating licences float between members of your software development team. Our floating licence implementation supports remote working and also does not require you to manage a licence server. Yes, it’s that good. 

You need as many floating licences as you require simultaneous users of the software tool.

Floating licences are permanent licences. They run forever, not for 30 days, not for 1 year.

We’re running tests on a server

If you’re running the software on a server machine, you’re most likely performing unit tests, smoke tests, integration tests, and regression tests.

For this use case, we recommend that you purchase a per-user licence for each server running the tests.

If you rely on floating licences, you may end up with the server waiting for a developer to release a licence, thus holding up your tests.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance upgrades are provided for a period of 1 year from the day of purchase.

Maintenance renewals can be purchased up to 90 days from the date of maintenance expiry at 25% of the full price of the software at the time of the purchase. Maintenance is back-dated to the date of maintenance expiry.

Maintenance upgrades can be purchased after 90 days from the date of maintenance expiry at 50% of the full price of the software at the time of the purchase. Maintenance restarts from the date of purchasing an upgrade.

Licence id/key format information

All of our software comes with two unique strings, which are related to the name of the purchaser/evaluator and to the product. The first is the software licence id, which identifies the software, the licence date, the licence version and the user. The second is the licence key which is used to check that the licence id and licence key correspond to the correct software product and version.

Licence ID

A sample licence ID is shown below.


The licence ID is composed of:-

The first two letters identify the product
The next four digits identify the year
The next two digits identify the month
The next two digits identify the day
The next two digits identify the major version
The next two digits identify the minor version
The next character is a hyphen
The next character identifies the number of users of a licence
The next one or two characters identify the type of licence.
The remainder of the licence ID (excluding the last 4 digits) is a unique number identifying the user. This allows multiple users with identical names to be correctly identified when we are handling software support issues.
The last four digits of the licence identify the build number.

Licence Key

A sample licence Key is shown below.


The licence key is composed of eight groups of four letters and digits. The letters are always lower case.

How do the licence ID and licence Key work?

Full licence key

When a full product licence key or an evaluation licence key is generated, the user name, the licence ID and various information about the software product are combined to form the licence key. If the licence ID is altered, or if the licence key is altered, they become invalid and the software will cease to function.

Evaluation licence key

For an evaluation licence, the licence is valid for a period of 30 days after the licence was generated. Attempts at rolling the system clock back will lead to immediate termination of the licence. For those that circumvent the clock rollback detection, they will have to put up with incorrect system time stamps because they have rolled their system clock back, the incorrect timestamps will make their version control system perform incorrectly.

Evaluation licence IDs and licence keys cannot be converted into product licence IDs and licence keys. Evaluation software cannot be converted into product software by the use of different licence IDs and licence keys, or different registry settings.

Evaluation software is fully functional, 30 day time limited version of the software. Evaluation software is a different binary image to the full product software and cannot be converted into the full product.

Do not edit licence details

In addition, because the software will not work if the user name is changed, the licence ID is changed, or the licence key is changed, any copies of the software found on warez and software pirating sites can be traced to the original supplier via their licence ID. Legitimate users are protected, and software pirates are easier to track.

We believe we have priced the product correctly to reflect the work required to create this product. The cost of purchasing the software is less than one day’s wages for a junior software engineer in the United States or Europe. You will recoup your investment in the software purchase very quickly through the time saved in solving your software engineering problems.

Do not give your licence details to software pirates. Any pirated copies of Software Verify software that are found, have their licence details put in our database and software support is not available using these licence details.

Fully functional, free for 30 days