About Software Verify

Why do we exist? We wanted to provide great tools and also a different customer experience…

Before we started the company the things that annoyed us about existing software tools were always limited ways to inspect the data that is collected, infrequent (or non-existing!) software updates and bug fixes, slow customer support and an inability to influence the design of the tools.

So that’s why we’re different, we don’t just collect data, we provide you with many ways to slice and dice that data, to get a different perspective on the data you have collected. We’re always looking for ways to improve our tools, whether it’s better UX or a new data analysis tool, improved QA or better documentation.

We provide software updates frequently, sometimes multiple times a week, other times a bit less frequently – whatever it takes to ensure you have the latest software improvements and bug fixes. Automated or manual, your choice.

When it comes to customer support, if you give us a chance (which some folks don’t!) you’ll find you get a response from a real human that is interested in understanding the problem and getting it fixed.

And what about product suggestions from you, our customers? Absolutely, we’re interested. Send them in.

We’ve been working on these tools since 1999 and founded the company in 2002. Not a here today, gone tomorrow operation.

We’re based in the sometimes bleak, often very green and beautiful fenland in the Isle of Ely, 15 miles north of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Looking south along the New Bedford river at Sutton Gault in the Cambridgeshire fens
T.B, Canada

Thanks, this version works fine. Reran my big coverage run and it took 8.6 hours to run, very impressive considering it takes Rational Coverage 30 hrs. to do the same thing.

The source code is ~800,000 lines. I am running ~150 runs of the test driver with different input specifications.

Sam Anderson
Senior Engineer & WoW Lua User

I just installed and used Lua Coverage Validator for the first time. LCV is very impressive. I’ll be sending feedback as I use this. I did not try the tutorial, and that’s on my to-do list. Great product from what I touched on the first time. It identified one whole area of code missed by the tests, and that was just my first time watching it run.

T.B, Canada

I’m not getting much time these days to offer as much feedback as I would like, but I’m making good use of Memory Validator and Coverage Validator. These two tools have become a staple in my toolbox. Still looking forward to a new Thread Validator, nobody else (that I know of) can do a good job of this.

Keith Sabine
Software Consultant

Once again, great product, found a whole mass of leaks I was not aware of (and some that I was)!

You’re more than welcome! I had looked at several memory debugging packages, but most of these required a lot of work to get up and running. Memory Validator on the other hand was easy – no changes to my code, up and running and finding leaks and errors in minutes.

Fabrizio Oddone
Ixia Communications

First off, congratulations on this great product of yours. With all these code reviews, I only wish I could use your products more often.

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