Are The Free Software Tools Really Free?

Yes, all the tools that are marked Free Download are free.

They’ll run forever.

You don’t need a licence key. No nagware. No bloatware.

Just free software tools that will help you do your job.

They’ll show you data you can’t easily look at, do something easier than the manual way, save you some time, or calculate a value more reliably.

What about email?

You don’t need to give us your email address, but if you do all you’ll get is an email about the tool you’ve downloaded and the occasional email about how to use one of our tools to do a given task. You won’t get any sales emails and we won’t sell your contact details.

Spam doesn’t work – sure doesn’t work on me, so why would it on you? That’s why we don’t do it.

Why are the tools free?

We have four commercial software tools. These provide the income to pay the salaries of the people that work here, and the various companies that supply us.

To create the commercial tools we had to do a lot of R&D. Most of the tools came out of the R&D, as a means to obtain data we need to do our work.

The initial versions had truly appalling UX, as I found out when I first shared one of them with some technical business friends. Despite their technical bias they couldn’t use the first tool we shared.

So we reworked the UX, added some documentation and tried again. It was a success and also made our own lives much easier with the improved UX. So we then looked at all the in house tools that we had and decided to improve the UX of all of them.

Some of those in house tools are very job specific and would be useless to anyone outside of the company, but many of the other tools could help people outside of the company.

We didn’t create these tools with the intention of charging for them, they are a side product of the process of creating our commercial tools.

That’s why they are free. We hope you have success using them.

Fully functional, free for 30 days