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Help Documentation

Each Software Verify tool will download the CHM and/or PDF help file the first time the user tries to access it via the help system.

You can also view the documentation on this website, and download the CHM and PDF files directly.

C++ / Delphi / Visual Basic 6 / Fortran95 / Win32, .Net / C# / VB.Net / J# / F#
Bug Validator bugValidator.chm bugValidator.pdf
Coverage Validator coverageValidator.chm coverageValidator.pdf
Memory Validator memoryValidator.chm memoryValidator.pdf
Performance Validator performanceValidator.chm performanceValidator.pdf
Thread Validator threadValidator.chm threadValidator.pdf
Free tools
DbgHelp Browser dbgHelpBrowser.chm dbgHelpBrowser.pdf
Exception Tracer exceptionTracer.chm exceptionTracer.pdf
Map File Browser mapFileBrowser.chm mapFileBrowser.pdf
Minidump Browser miniDumpBrowser.chm miniDumpBrowser.pdf
Minidump Manager miniDumpManager.chm miniDumpManager.pdf
OutputDebugString Checker outputDebugStringChecker.chm outputDebugStringChecker.pdf
Page Fault Monitor pageFaultMonitor.chm pageFaultMonitor.pdf
PE File Browser peFileBrowser.chm peFileBrowser.pdf
Thread Lock Checker threadLockChecker.chm threadLockChecker.pdf
Thread Status threadStatus.chm threadStatus.pdf
Thread Wait Chain Inspector threadWaitChainInspector.chm threadWaitChainInspector.pdf
Virtual Memory Validator vmValidator.chm vmValidator.pdf
Visual Studio Project Builder visualStudioProjectBuilder.chm visualStudioProjectBuilder.pdf
Visual Studio Project Cleaner visualStudioProjectCleaner.chm visualStudioProjectCleaner.pdf
Visual Studio Project Fixer visualStudioProjectFixer.chm visualStudioProjectFixer.pdf

Manual Installation

The CHM and PDF files will normally be installed for you automatically the first time you access them.

For computers not connected to the internet this won't work. You'll need to download the help from this webpage and install the help files manually.

If you wish to install the CHM or PDF manually just copy the CHM or PDF to the same folder as the .exe with the same name.

For example: Copy memoryValidator.chm to the directory containing memoryValidator.exe (and memoryValidator_x64.exe)