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Help Documentation

Each Software Verify product ships with a help file in HTML Help format.

We also provide web based documentation and PDF versions of the help file available on this web page.

Help Documentation online

C++ / Delphi / Visual Basic 6 / Fortran95 / Win32
C++ Bug Validator (BETA)
C++ Coverage Validator
C++ Memory Validator
C++ Performance Validator
C++ Thread Validator
C++ Virtual Memory Validator
.Net / C# / VB.Net / J# / F#
.Net Coverage Validator
.Net Memory Validator
.Net Performance Validator
Free tools
DbgHelp Browser
Map File Browser
OutputDebugString Checker
Page Fault Monitor
PE File Browser
Thread Lock Checker
Thread Status

Help Documentation in PDF Format

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The following PDF Help files are available.

C++ / Delphi / Visual Basic 6 / Fortran95 / Win32
C++ Bug Validator (BETA) bugValidator.pdf
C++ Coverage Validator coverageValidator.pdf
C++ Memory Validator memoryValidator.pdf
C++ Performance Validator performanceValidator.pdf
C++ Thread Validator threadValidator.pdf
C++ Virtual Memory Validator vmValidator.pdf
.Net / C# / VB.Net / J# / F#
.Net Coverage Validator dnCoverageValidator.pdf
.Net Memory Validator dnMemoryValidator.pdf
.Net Performance Validator dnPerformanceValidator.pdf
Free tools
DbgHelp Browser dbgHelpBrowser.pdf
Map File Browser mapFileBrowser.pdf
OutputDebugString Checker outputDebugStringChecker.pdf
Page Fault Monitor pageFaultMonitor.pdf
PE File Browser peFileBrowser.pdf
Say say.pdf
Thread Lock Checker threadLockChecker.pdf
Thread Status threadStatus.pdf