Getting Started

The tutorials use the nativeExample.exe sample application to demonstrate memory leak detection and handle leak detection (including GDI leak detection).

The example application provides a few simple functions and user interactions to demonstrate the memory leak detection features of Memory Validator.

The tutorials will demonstrate detecting memory leaks, detecting handle leaks, detecting memory corruption and other advanced technique.


The solution file is examples\examples.sln.

The solution can be found in the examples directory in the same directory that Memory Validator was installed in.

There is no workspace file for Visual Studio 6. You will need to build each example on its own. For the purposes of this tutorial you only need to build nativeExample.dsp.


The project file is nativeExample.vcxproj.

If you are building with Visual Studio 6, the project file is nativeExample.dsp.

The project can be found in the examples\nativeExample directory in the same directory that Memory Validator was installed in.


The nativeExample.exe application is shipped as a project with source code.

Please compile all configurations of the sample application before continuing the tutorial.

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