Bug Validator Tutorials

This document is intended to augment the information in the Bug Validator Help file. If you have not read the help file we encourage you to do so. Bug Validator is a powerful and complex product, reading the help manual will help you use it more efficiently.

Tutorial Overview

We’ve written some tutorials to help you understand Bug Validator.

The first tutorial you need to complete is the Getting Started tutorial. This will create the example application that you will use in the other tutorials.

Next, we outline the differences when working with dynamically linked applications and statically linked applications. The purpose of this is so that you understand how to remove 3rd party code from your execution trace if you don’t wish to see (for example) the C runtime internals mixed in with your application’s behaviour.

Lastly, we examine two simple crashes and a more complex crash.



If you would like a tutorial on how to use Bug Validator to perform a given task, we will be happy to provide a tutorial, just let us know what topics you need the tutorial to cover. Send your suggestions to support@softwareverify.com.

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