Dynamic Linking

This tutorial describes how to setup C++ Bug Validator to include or exclude different source files from instrumentation processing when you are dynamically linking your application with MFC and/or the C Runtime.

When you dynamically link to MFC and the CRT, the code for MFC and the CRT is held in separate DLLs to your application. This allows you to specify not to process MFC or CRT code by simply indicating which DLLs not to process – you don’t need to know where the source code for those DLLs is.

  • Open the settings dialog by clicking the tools icon on the toolbar.
    Bug Validator settings icon
  • The Settings Dialog is displayed. Select the Hook Insertion tab.
    Bug Validator Hook Insertion
  • Select the check boxes in the section marked DLL Hook Insertion. The image shows that the MFC, CRT, STL and system DLLs have been marked to be ignored (deselected). Click OK to accept the settings.

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