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The fastest way to monitor billions of memory allocations

Overview - Virtual Memory Validator 4.90

VM Validator allows the virtual memory behaviour of an application to be monitored. As virtual memory is consumed, memory is paged out from physical memory to disk storage, and memory is paged in to physical memory from disk storage. VM Validator allows you to examine which pages are physically present in memory and thus gain a better understanding of your application's virtual memory usage. Typically, the more paging behaviour, the worse the performance (in speed terms) of the application. By analysing which parts of your application cause the behaviour monitored by VM Validator you can determine which parts of the application can benefit from different memory allocation algorithms and different memory access algorithms.

You can use VM Validator in three ways:

  • Inject VM Validator into an already running executable
  • Specify an executable to start, and VM Validator will attach to that executable
  • Specify an executable to watch, and VM Validator will wait for the executable to start, then VM Validator will attach to that executable. This feature is very useful for attaching to OLE servers that start when a document is opened inside a 3rd party application

VM Validator does not require your application to be recompiled or relinked.

VM Validator is provided free of charge, as a complement to our Memory Validator software tool.

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