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The fastest way to monitor billions of memory allocations

Page Fault Monitor

Page Fault Monitor is a software tool that monitors the activity of a program and reports all page faults associated with that program.

Page Fault Monitor provides a GUI for examination of the page fault data. Where possible we provide DLL, symbol, filename and line number information associated with a page fault address.

Page Fault Monitor

In the page fault report shown above the method for EXE_FILE::openPart2, source file e:\om\c\svlpedll\exefile.cpp in the DLL svlPeInfo_x64.dll has caused 73,204 page faults.

Those 73,204 page faults are in 3,598 unique locations that are shown on the lower left of the image. The source code is shown below, with the faulting line of code highlighted.

Source Code

Download Page Fault Monitor and see what's causing page faults in your code.

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