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Analyse threading problems quickly and easily

Thread Wait Chain Inspector

You're multi-threaded software is running OK, but there are some long pauses, and you're wondering what's causing those pauses. Or occasionally the software deadlocks. What's causing that? Why does that happen?

A good starting point is to look at the wait chains in the software. A wait chain is the list of locks that are held and waits that your software is performing as it performs its work.

Analysing wait chains can let you see which threads are involved in a deadlock, or which threads are waiting for a handle to close or for an event to become signalled.

Thread Wait Chain Inspector is a software tool that allows you to analyze the wait chains of each thread in your software - also known as thread wait chain traversal.

Thread Wait Chain Inspector is a non-invasive tool, causing no side effects while monitoring your software.

Thread Wait Chain Inspector

Simply select the process you wish to monitor in the top list of processes. The thread wait chain information is shown in the lower window.

Each column can be sorted by clicking on the column name.

Thread names

Thread names are provided by reading the data set using SetThreadDescription() on Windows 10.

Colour coding

  • Yellow for this thread is related to other threads coloured yellow.
  • Red for any threads involved in a deadlock.
  • Percentage bar graphs are shown in green.


If you wish to debug a particular wait chain, you can create a minidump for that process.


Download Thread Wait Chain Inspector and inspect your thread wait chains.

For all operating systems from Windows Vista onwards.

Threading Tools

We also provide the following threading tools:

  • Thread Validator, a much more powerful Thread deadlock, contention analysis and error detection software tool.
  • Thread Status Monitor, a free tool to monitor thread statistics.
  • Thread Lock Checker, a free source code scanning tool that looks for potential usage errors with CSingleLock and related classes.

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