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TDS Browser

You know your symbols are in the TDS file, but you've got no way to view them, no way to turn that crash address into a useful symbol that will help identify what's going wrong with your software at ACME corp. It's a problem isn't it?

You have the data, but no means to use it.

Time to change that.

TDS Browser is an interactive TDS viewer and crash address converter, reading TDS files for Delphi, and C++ Builder. TDS information embedded in EXE/DLL can also be viewed.


You can filter the TDS symbols by function/data name allowing you to quickly and easily find the symbols of interest.

Filter controls

Filtered results

Interactive query

An interactive query browser allows you to find the right symbol for four different crash address calculations:

  • Absolute crash address. You know the address of the crash and the load address of the DLL containing that address.

    Absolute crash address dialog

  • DLL relative crash address. You know the crash offset inside the DLL.

    DLL Relative crash address dialog

  • Symbol relative crash address. You know the crash offset from a symbol inside the DLL.

    Symbol Relative crash address dialog

  • XML Data from a Windows event log crash event.

    Event log XML crash address dialog

The ability to lookup symbol information so easily is invaluable when investigating crashes.

Get started now. Load your TDS symbols and find the crash location in a few minutes.

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