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PE File Browser

PE File Browser is a software tool that allows you to view the contents of executable files. View 32 bit and 64 PE format files.

Understand what's inside the DLLs and EXEs on your machine, which other DLLs your DLL references and what functions are called by your DLL.

All the information in a PE file is displayed in easy to understand chunks of related data. No more digging around trying to work out if a DLL is built with .Net, and if so which version of the CLR is required. That information is displayed by the PE File Browser, on the Additional Information section. Does the PE file depend on XYZ.DLL? Just look at the All Dependent Modules section to find out.

File Header

Information from the PE file header.

PE File Header

Optional Header

Information from the PE optional header.

PE Optional Header

Optional Header Directories

Information from the PE optional header directories.

PE Optional Header Directories

Additional Information

Information about .Net and the module entry point.

PE Additional Information

Imported Modules and Functions

The modules the DLL imports and the functions imported from those modules.

PE Imported Modules and Functions

Delay Loaded Modules

The delay loaded modules the DLL imports and the functions imported from those modules.

PE Delay Loaded Modules

All Dependent Modules

All the modules the DLL imports. Any missing DLLs will be displayed in red.

PE All Dependent Modules

Imported Functions

The functions the DLL imports from other DLLs.

PE Imported Functions

Exported Functions

The functions the DLL exports for other DLLs to use.

PE Exported Functions


The sections that are contained within the DLL. For example: data, relocation, resource, code.

PE Sections

Data Bounds

The different readable, readable and writeable, and executable areas in the DLL.

PE Data Bounds

Frame Pointer Omission Data

Information about Frame Pointer Omission usage in the DLL.

PE Frame Pointer Omission Data

x64 Exception Handling Data

Information about the table based exception handling mechanism used by x64 executables. The data displayed are RUNTIME_FUNCTION data.

PE x64 Exception Handling Data

Version Information

Information from the version resource.

PE Version Information


Information from the DLL manifest.

PE Manifest

Digital Signatures

Information about the digital signatures for the DLL.

PE Digital Signatures

PDB Symbols

Debugging symbols from the DLL's PDB file.

PE PDB Symbols

COFF Symbols

COFF Debugging symbols for the DLL.

PE COFF Symbols

CodeView Symbols

CodeView Debugging symbols for the DLL.

PE CodeView Symbols

STABS Symbols

STABS Debugging symbols for the DLL.

PE STABS Symbols

Misc Debug Data

Miscellaneous debug data for the DLL.

PE Misc Debug Data

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