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The fastest way to monitor billions of memory allocations

OutputDebugString Checker

OutputDebugString Checker is a software tool that scans source code looking for calls to OutputDebugString() that are not conditionally compiled. Additional functions names can be specified so that you can search for your own functions that implement similar behaviour.

Why? What's the point?

Good question. Two reasons:

  • Leaving these calls in your program slows down execution, especially if they are in a loop and more so if connected to a debug or other tool that can monitor the output of OutputDebugString().
  • Leaving these calls in your program allows data to leak out of your program. The contents of these calls many contain function names, debugging information, data the program is processing. Do you want your customers to see this information?

OutputDebugString Checker provides a GUI for interactive discovery of OuputDebugString() calls and also a command line so that you can automate this and drop it into your smoke tests, regression tests, continuous integration tests.

Filters are provided so that calls that are valid are ignored and only the calls that shouldn't be in the code are flagged for your attention.

OutputDebugString Checker

OutputDebugString Checker scans all source files under a specified disk hierarchy. When function calls are found that match the criteria specified in the settings the usage is reported on the function report.

Function Report

In the function report shown above 11 matches have been found for OutputDebugString criteria that match the settings.

Source Code

Clicking on an entry in the function report will show the source code in the source code viewer. The line of interest is highlighted in green.

Double clicking on an entry in the function report will start Visual Studio to edit the source code.

Download OutputDebugString Checker and scan your source code for errors.

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