What’s new with Thread Validator

By Stephen Kellett
10 December, 2020

There are some changes coming to Thread Validator.

I’m going to describe the various changes and the reasons behind them.

Name Change

The first one is the name change. C++ Thread Validator becomes Thread Validator.

This change is to keep in line with our other tools not having language specific prefixes.

New UX Theme

A new UX theme which is has less visual clutter and is calmer to look at has been introduced. We’ve written about that in New UX Theme.

Thread Validator

x64 and x86 support

C++ Thread Validator shipped in two versions, a 32 bit version and a 64 bit version that could also process 32 bit executables.

Thread Validator ships in a 64 bit version that can also process 32 bit executables. On a 32 bit machine the 32 bit version installs, on a 64 bit machine both 64 bit and 32 bit versions install, because occasionally there is a 32 bit native bug that you only deal with from the 32 bit version of the tool.

The reasons for this change are

  • All our other tools ship in versions that support both 64 bit and 32 bit executables. Thread Validator should do the same.
  • 64 processors are the dominant processors in the market. We should support these by default.


These changes to Thread Validator will be available after 13 December 2020.

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