What do programmers want for Christmas?

By Stephen Kellett
25 November, 2008

T-shirts appears to be the answer. Even better if they come with a natty logo or slogan.

Andy Brice has come up with a wonderful idea of creating some interesting T shirt designs with programming related in-jokes. The profits from the sale of these T-shirts goes to two worthy charities: SightSavers and JairpurFoot. SightSavers is a charity helping to prevent blindness and eyesight problems and Jaipurfoot is a charity helping to provide low cost prosthetics to people in 22 countries.

Head on over to T-Shirts for Programmers to read about Andy’s motivations for the T-shirts. His blog also has lots of interesting articles about the independent software business.

Full disclosure: Andy Brice is a customer of ours. Andy uses Coverage Validator to improve the testing of his popular Table Planning software. Andy has recently written a review of Coverage Validator V3.

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