Robot footballers in China

By Stephen Kellett
8 August, 2008

A while ago a German University Robot Football team asked us if we could help them with their software. We provided Performance Validator to them to see what they could do. Today we found out.

The Darmstadt Dribblers have just taken their robot Isra to RoboCup 2008, held in Suzhou, China. They came 4th in the championship (24 teams competing), losing to the championship winners (also from Germany). The other two quarter finalists were both from Japan. Thats a good result, against some good competition.

Isra running to the ball.

Isra running and kicking

Isra tackles an opponent.

Isra tackles

Isra scores a goal.

Isra scores a goal

This YouTube video shows Isra in action at Suzhou:

The Dramstadt Dribblers have uploaded various videos here:

Still think software engineering can’t be fun?

We’ll be reporting on the Dribblers’ performance as they enter more competitions.

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