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Customer Support

We want to you to get the most out of the software that we create. If you have suggestions for new features, if you've found bugs we don't know about, or can't work out how to do something with one of our products, we'll be pleased to try and help you. This page describes our support services.

Anti-Spam Filters

If you want support from Software Verify, please ensure that your anti-spam filters do not block emails from Software Verify. We have had this problem with a few customers and have no way of contacting these people if their filter decides, for reasons unknown, to add us to their list and block future email. In every case this has happened so far, the person concerned contacted us and we could not reply to their request.

If you have contacted us and have not received a reply, please check your anti-spam filters.

How to use Software Verify software

Many common questions can be answered by consulting the extensive online help provided with each of our products.

If you can't find the answer to your question in the online help, the answer may be in the list of frequently asked questions.

Product Suggestions

Please send suggestions for any features you would like to see in our products to support@softwareverify.com.

Bug Reports

In the unlikely event that you have found a bug in one of our products, you can report the bug or send email to support@softwareverify.com. We will contact you with a bug fix, workaround or explanation as soon as we can.

Support Request

If you cannot find the answer you want in the online help, the downloadable help PDF files, the tutorials or the frequently asked questions section of this web site, then you may want to ask us a question about the software.

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