Performance Validator - Analysis

The Analysis view allows the collected performance data to be queried using a variety of different queries.

The results of each query can be restricted to a small subset of the results if required, allowing “show 10 most timing consuming functions” type of query.

The results are shown as a colour coded performance hotspot graph that can be expanded and collapsed as desired. The colour coding is user defined.

Performance Validator analysis view, where you can perform queries on the collected profiling data

The picture above shows the Analysis view expanded to show method calls in class Session.

The standard queries are:

  • Class
  • Function
  • File name
  • Module name
  • Address
  • Number of children
  • Average Time
  • Average Time %
  • Total Time
  • Total Time %
  • Function Time
  • Function Time %
  • Child Functions Time
  • Child Functions Time %
  • Longest Time
  • Longest Time %
  • Shortest Time
  • Shortest Time %
  • Visit Count
  • Visit Count %
  • Most Visited Hotspots
  • Most Time Consuming Hotspots
  • Number of descendants
  • Number of ascendants
  • Distance to root
  • Distance to leaf

These queries can be combined with a variety of comparisons and range specifications to fine tune the search. The range specifications are user defined.

The comparisons are:

  • <
  • <=
  • ==
  • >=
  • >
  • !=
  • Inside range
  • Outside range

When a hotspot node is selected in the left hand pane, the source code for the function represented by the hotspot node is displayed in the right hand pane, with related statistics displayed above the source code, so you can at-a-glance see which functions contribute different performance metrics (most visited, most time consuming, least time consuming, etc).

A popup menu (right mouse button) allows each file to be edited in a syntax coloured editor that highlights the specific function. The popup menu also provides options for controlling the expand and collapse state of the tree control.

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