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Software Verify Privacy Policy

Email privacy policy

Spam is Bad for Business!

OK, we've stated our position quite clearly.

Software Verify firmly believe that spam is bad for business. If we don't like receiving it in our corporate email and our personal email then it is a good bet that you, a potential customer also feel the same way.

Software Verify does not trade in, sell, rent, lease, barter, distribute, transfer or communicate, in any form, customer details with any 3rd party organisation, except for the purpose of processing credit card details and where mandated by law in relation to government policing and security activities.

We don't do spam. Period. Its bad for business

If we ask you for an address, email address and telephone number it is because we need them to do business with you.

We will only send you email about free software updates you are entitled to as part of your software license purchase.

We will only send you email on a different subject if you have stated that we can do so (when you download free software, an evaluation, or purchase software you have an option to state your preference).

Telephone privacy policy

We will only telephone you if we have reason to believe your corporate spam filters are blocking our email to you that contain your software license keys.

Ecommerce privacy policy

Our e-commerce vendor SWREG also has a privacy policy.


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