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Memory Validator Help

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User Interface

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The User Interface tab allows you to change some user interface characteristics including those that may help with using Memory Validator on devices with a smaller display.


The default settings are shown below:





Restoring window size when starting up


If Memory Validator is closed while minimized to the taskbar, the default behaviour when restarting is to restore the main window to normal size.


You can choose to keep it minimized on restart instead:


Restore Memory Validator to normal size if closed when minimized instructionStep unticking will restart in the same state as it was closed


Restrict dialog size


When using small display devices, for example an 800x600 screen, some of the larger dialogs will not fit on the screen, but you can restrict dialog sizes in such environments:


Use small dialogs instructionStep restrict dialog sizes

For example, the images below show the relative sizes of the Filter dialog where the height reduces from 730 to 592 pixels when using small dialogs:


filter-dialog-large                filter-dialog-small



GDI object stub viewer


From the menus on the Memory or Types tab, you can view a GDI resource in a dialog. This is enabled by loading a GDI Viewer into the stub in the target application.


This GDI stub viewer can be loaded at startup; when needed, or not at all:


Load Type instructionStep choose when the GDI Viewer is loaded, the options are:


Always instructionStep the viewer is loaded when first attaching to the target application


On Demand instructionStep the viewer is loaded when the first request to view a GDI object is made, if at all


Never instructionStep the GDI stub is never loaded and requests to view GDI objects will be blocked using the following message





Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.