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Memory Validator Help


Sometimes when you have a long list of filters in a group, it can be awkward to find specific filters.


Whether you're using local filters or global or session filters, the Find Filter dialog (via the Search... button) can help with this.



The find filter dialog




There are four characteristics of the filters that you can search for, any or all of which can be enabled:


Find filters of type instructionStep choose from a list of known datatypes for the target program in the current session


Find filters using file instructionStep specify the source code file your target filter is using


Find filters using function instructionStep target filters using a selected function name

Find filters in size range instructionStep select a lower and upper object size limit by which to search filters

Each of these criteria will only show options relevant to the target program for the current session.



Exclusive or inclusive searches


The find filter dialog allows two types of search:


Exclusive instructionStep all criteria that are enabled must match the filter for it to be highlighted


Returns a tightly focused set of results.

Inclusive instructionStep at least one of the enabled criteria must match

Gives a broader set of results.



Performing a search


Enable and set the criteria instructionStep choose inclusive or exclusive search instructionStep click Find... instructionStep matching filters are highlighted in the list

Filters are highlighted in the selected object colour, which is set via the Global settings instructionStep Data Display instructionStep Colours.



note Delays with this dialog appearing? If this dialog takes a few seconds to appear, it's probably because you have a very large dataset, with many object types, files and functions.