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Memory Validator Help



Filtering of data


Memory Validator has a powerful filtering mechanism that allows you to exclude unwanted data from the displays.


Filtering happens at different levels of granularity and the filters themselves can be defined to be broad or extremely targeted.


You can manage different groups of filters; save and load them, and move filters between groups;


Filters do not control what is collected, only what is displayed, so you can refocus on different areas of data at any time.



Filter Groups


Filter groups allow related filters to be grouped together.


For example, you might have a group of filters excluding data relating to memory leaks in 3rd party products that you have no control over.


The Thread Filter manager gives you control over which thread data you see.


The Filter Manager dialog lets you manage the high level global filters and session filters


For local filters, the relevant tab views have a Filter... button to the left of each display.



Filtering Level


Filtering of displayed data happens at four different levels:


Thread filters where for example you might enable only the UI thread of your application

Global filters that will be applied to all sessions and all tab views


Session filters are applied only to a particular session for which data is recorded and displayed

Local filters affecting each individual tab view






Filter Types


Filters can be one of three types:


Instant filters are derived directly from an existing callstack and saved with the session

Typically these are created by right clicking on a callstack in the display
and opting to create an instant filter based on the selected data.


Temporary filters are usually instant (callstack) filters, and will not be saved anywhere


Custom filters let you decide exactly what to exclude using the Define Filter dialog

Any persistent filter can be made temporary and vice versa.


While you'd normally make custom filters persistent, you can make it temporary if you wish.