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Global Filters and per-Session Filters.

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Global and session filters


Global filters affect all the relevant tab views for all sessions.


Session filters also affect all the tab views, but only for the that session.


Both global and session filters are set up in the Filter Manager dialog.



Opening the filter manager dialog


menu Managers menu instructionStep Global Filter Manager... instructionStep shows the Filter Manager dialog


Or use this option on the Session Toolbar:




The filter manager dialog


The filter manger has two main components: on the left you can manage the groups of filters, and on the right, the filters themselves.





Filters are arranged in the following hierarchy:


Global and session filter groups


Filter group manager


Filter groups



Filters are displayed on the right when a filter group is selected, as shown in the image above.


Like the global filters, each session has a default filter group manager under which filters are placed, unless you create your own group structure.



Building the filter group hierarchy


Building a complex or hierarchy is not essential - you can just have one filter group and manager and work perfectly well.


However, if you make regular use of this feature, you may wish to fine-tune how you use different groups of filters.


Having created the hierarchy and added some filters, you can move filters and groups of filters around and reuse them.


To build the hierarchy, different actions are available depending on each selected item:


Select a global or session filter groups:


Add Manager instructionStep creates a new filter group manager


Save... instructionStep save all the filters and groups for the selected global or session group to a .mvf file


Load... instructionStep load filters and groups from a previously saved .mvf file, replacing any existing content



Select a filter group manager:


Add Group instructionStep creates a new filter group


Rename... instructionStep enter a new name for this group manager


Delete instructionStep remove this group manager from its global/session filter group



Select a filter group:


Rename... instructionStep enter a new name for this group


Delete instructionStep remove this group from its group manager

Move... instructionStep opens the Move Filter Group dialog below so you can move the group to a new owner
       First choose a global or session filter group, and then which of its managers you want to move the filter group to.



Delete All instructionStep remove the entire hierarchy and all its filters
       There's a confirmation dialog in case you click this accidentally!



Adding filters to a group


In the right hand panel, is a list of filters, belonging to the filter group you selected on the left. Initially empty, this is where you add your filters.


The functionality here is almost identical to the Local Filters dialog, with filters being added and modified via the the Filter Definition dialog.