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Analyse threading problems quickly and easily

Thread Validator - Summary

The summary view shows summary information for all threads and critical sections in the application.

Information is displayed in logical groupings so all thread, lock, contention, recursion, wait, error and coverage information is easy to read.

Data is displayed graphically and numerically and is colour coded so that errors are drawn to your attention.

Summary View

The purpose of this display is that you should be able to read this display at a glance and determine which part of the application is of interest. For most thread monitoring applications you should be able to monitor this page until data on one of the sections indicates further investigation is needed.

Any section can be clicked on (or right click for context menu) to take you to the related data display.

The lower area displays information related to the settings used to collection this information, allowing easy surfacing of warnings and errors, and direct editing of the related settings without having to open the settings editor and hunt for the appropriate setting.

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