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Analyse threading problems quickly and easily

Thread Validator - Query

The Query view provides the ability to query for deadlocked objects, potentially deadlocked objects, waiting objects, find data based on its type, address, file, DLL and function name.

This picture shows the query view showing information related to deadlocks.

A deadlock entry has been expanded to show the source code.

Data to a related query is shown below.

Query view

Queries can also be performed in relation to the current selected object (such as show other actions with the same object, same type, or other actions in the same file, DLL, class, as this action, etc.).

Once the data is found the data can be filtered and data related to any selected object can be shown in the lower window. Data in the lower window can then be promoted to the upper window so that the same tests can be performed on this data.

Using this iterative process it is possible to find references to other objects, other objects involved in the same deadlock, other deadlocks caused by the same lock and so on.

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