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Analyse threading problems quickly and easily

Thread Validator - Diagnostic

Displays diagnostic information from the target program. This informs you of any information that you need to know which may affect the performance of Thread Validator.

Thread Validator - Diagnostic view

The diagnostic tab is used to report:

  • Windows operating system details.
  • User account details - so that you know the target program is running under the account you think it is.
  • Start of target program instrumentation, command line and DbgHelp version status.
  • Loading and unloading of DLLs.
  • Additional information about DLL loading (delay loaded DLLs, etc).
  • Symbol search paths queried for symbols. Success and failure of symbol loading.
  • Instrumentation success and failure for given functions/DLLs.
  • Failure of helper programs assisting Thread Validator.
  • Other miscellaneous errors.

Thread Validator - Diagnostics detail

The Show combo allows you to specify which categories of information to show.

The Filter field allows you to restrict any data shown to by insisting it contains the text shown in the filter.

Thread Validator - Diagnostics filter

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