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Analyse threading problems quickly and easily

Thread Validator - Active Locks

The active locks view shows information about each waiting critical section, each locked critical section and each wait event for each thread in the application.

Information about each thread is shown prior to showing information about the critical sections and wait events for that thread.

Unlike the locks view, with the current thread locks view you can see information about a critical section for each thread that uses the critical section.

Unlike the per thread locks view, only critical sections currently locked or waiting for each thread are shown. Critical sections not involved in any locking behaviour are not displayed, making diagnosis of deadlocks much simpler.

Active Locks view

Each entry is colour coded to indicate activity, contention, recursion, misc errors, potential deadlocks and deadlock conditions.

In the picture shown, the colour coding is as follows:

  • Red. The entries in red show critical sections that are involved in a deadlock
  • Purple. The entries in purple show critical sections that have thread locking errors.
  • Yellow. The entries in yellow show critical sections that have been involved in contention between threads.
  • Dark purple. The entries in dark purple show critical sections that are have miscellaneous locking errors.
  • Grey. The entries in grey show critical sections that have been used.

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