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Memory Validator - Virtual Memory

This view provides a graphical view of the target process on a page by page basis showing committed, uncommitted and reserved memory.

Dynamic or static update

The display can be manually refreshed or can be updated at a timed interval.

Setting the display to update the display can be useful for watching large data models load into or unload from the target process and watching the memory usage, detecting fragmentation and so on.

Three views

These images show the different Virtual memory views - an image representation and two tabular representations, one for virtual memory page sizes, and one for virtual memory minimum allocation sizes (minimum size VirtualAlloc() can allocate).

The different colours represent the different memory commit states for each page, 1 page per pixel. As the mouse is moved over the display area, the size and address of the region the mouse cursor represents is shown at the top of the display. The colours use for each memory type can be changed.


This image shows the graphical representation of the virtual memory.

Virtual memory view (graphical)

Memory pages

This image shows the virtual memory status for each virtual memory page (4KB - the granularity for VirtualProtect()).

Note the thread stacks in red and the HeapCreate() heap in purple.

Virtual memory view (pages)

Memory paragraphs

This image shows the virtual memory status for each virtual memory paragraph (64KB - the minimum size allocated by VirtualAlloc()).

Note the HeapCreate() heap in purple, and DLLs in pink.

Virtual memory view (paragraphs)

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