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The fastest way to monitor billions of memory allocations

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Memory Validator - Allocation

The memory allocation view displays the memory allocated, memory leaked, trace messages and error messages.

All data that is shown can be selectively enabled and filtered.

You can drill down to the source code and edit the source code in a context sensitive colourised editor or in Microsoft® Visual Studio® or an editor of your choice.

The depth of stack traces is customizable, as is the colour of each type of message. Entire stack traces can be captured if that is desired.

The data is shown in a tree structure, so that a source code fragment can be displayed without the need for an editor. If the code needs to be edited, the code can be edited in a context sensitive colourised, folding editor (this editor is configurable), or in Microsoft® Visual Studio®. The source code fragment in the tree is configurable and can include the entire calling function if you desire.

This picture shows a collapsed trace of some memory allocations.

Collapsed view of memory allocations

This picture shows an expanded trace of some memory allocations. The line in green (the colour is configurable) shows where the allocation occurred. Double click on any line to enter the editor. Right click on any line to get the context menu.

Expanded view of memory allocations

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