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The fastest way to monitor billions of memory allocations

Memory Validator - Timeline

The timline view shows timelines depicting memory usage, unfreed memory, memory allocations, memory deallocations (in order) and memory deallocations (in allocation order).

This data is shown for memory, for handles and for number of allocations, for both native and .Net allocations

Timeline view

Seeing the different allocator behaviours graphically allows you to identify patterns in your memory allocation behaviour where you may want or need to make a change to release memory earlier, or to change how memory is managed.

Visualizing these patterns helps to reveal them, hence this view.

Memory questions

Using the timeline you can answer these memory questions.

Is memory being deallocated in the same order it was allocated?

Is memory being deallocated in the reverse order it was allocated?

Is memory being deallocated in a random way compared to how it was allocated?

The answer to these questions could help you identify memory management patterns that result in slower memory performance, or worse, memory fragmentation.

Handle questions

Using the timeline you can answer these handle questions.

Are many handles being allocated before being deallocated?

Are many handles being deallocated shortly after being allocated?

These are useful questions to be able to ask, as anyone that has used FindFirstFile/FindNextFile but only closed the handles at the end of the search will have found out (very slow! For best results close them as each directory search completes).

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