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Memory Validator - Native Query

The Memory Query view provides the ability to query for leaked object, damaged objects, invalid handles, uninitialised data, find data based on it size, address, page, file, DLL, heap and function name.

We created the Analysis tab specifically to address the problem of knowing the tool has lots of information about native memory allocations but there is no way to ask the tool for information that you may need to identify a memory corruption or crash you've found.

Native memory query view

The above images show the use of being able to determine which other objects were allocated in the same source file as the selected object.

Queries can also be performed from other views (via the context menu), the results are shown on the Memory Query view.

Once the data is found it can be filtered and data related to any selected item can be shown in the lower window.

Data in the lower window can then be promoted to the upper window so that the same tests can be performed on this data.

Using this iterative process it is possible to find references to 'dead' objects, objects pointing to a specific object, objects pointed to by a specific object, and so on.

You'll be surprised what useful information you can find when starting with a crash address and query that address (or an address near it).

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