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Memory Validator - Generations

The Generations View displays the number of objects per object type for each generation of objects that the application has allocated.

A generation is considered to be the objects allocated between one garbage collection event and the next garbage collection event.

The display is colour coded so that increases in objects and decreases in objects are easily seen. The colour coding allows you to quickly identify object types that are not being deallocated as generations progress.

The image below shows that most types are stable and two are rapidly changing (allocated and collected).

Generations View

Statistics per generation

For each generation, the following statistics are available.

  • Number of objects
  • Minimum number of objects
  • Maximum number of objects
  • How many objects were allocated
  • How many objects were collected
  • Delta. Difference between allocated and collected
  • Object churn. Ratio of objects being collected to total.
  • Maximum object churn.
  • How many objects were finalized


The display be filtered by object type.

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