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The fastest way to monitor billions of memory allocations

Memory Validator - .Net Leak Analysis

Memory Validator collects a lot of data. Some of it is about native allocations, some of it is about .Net allocations and the remainder is house keeping and diagnostic data.

We try to provide useful user interfaces to allow you to query this data to surface answers to the problems you are trying to solve.

As hard as we try there are probably occasions when you really need to be able to run a query and just rummage through the results.

That's where the .Net Leak Analysis comes in. You can specify up to 5 criteria for query. Any object that matches the query is part of the query results.

Run as many queries as you want, clear them, change the queries, repeat.

.Net Leak Analysis

Using the results of a query you can go the appropriate Heap Dump location, or be shown paths to heap dump root, or paths from heap dump root.

Predefined queries

It can be time consuming and tedious to have to reconfigure common queries.

Because of this we've provided 18 predefined queries that you can choose from.

Custom queries

If you have custom queries that you would like to run you can add your queries to the list of predefined queries for future use.

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