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Bug Reporting

Please use this form to report bugs to Software Verify. Using this form will help you to provide us with the information that is of the most use to us in solving any bugs that you may find.

We take reports of bugs in our software very seriously and will try to get you a bug fix, a workaround or an explanation of what is going wrong in as timely a manner as possible.

We may need your assistance when attempting to reproduce and then fix a bug that you report - we may ask for some or all of the following data (wait for us to ask for it, no need to give us all of this information the first time you contact us).

  • Description of bug (or crash report if the bug report is for a crash).
  • Description of the operating system, software environment and hardware you are running on (CPU, RAM etc).
  • Instructions for reproducing the bug.
  • Settings for the software tool you are using (Configure menu, Save Settings option).
  • Data session for the session you have recorded (File menu, Save option).
  • Demonstration or example application that demonstrates the bug.
  • If the bug is with your software application we may need to execute your application to reproduce the bug. In this case we will need the application, any necessary support and data files and debugging symbols if the problem requires symbols.
  • If you need an NDA before you can let us test your application, that is not a problem.
  • Not all bugs are reproducible and some bugs are not fixable (i.e. they are in 3rd party software, or an Operating System / Hardware problem).

Bugs that require your software to reproduce but for which you are unwilling/unable to supply the software will not be fixed as your software is required to determine the problem.

If you are evaluating the software you can still report bugs against the software.

If you have a problem using the software which is not a bug, please contact us using the support page.

It would help us greatly if you could fill as many fields with the data required.

Please note that highlighted fields marked are required.

About the product you are using

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About the bug you have found
Please describe your bug (if the bug is a crash, please try to include the callstack and DLL load address information):

Please include a callstack for your bug (Dev Studio, select all in callstack window, copy to clipboard):

Please provide the DLL load addresses for the DLLs that are listed in the callstack (Dev Studio, Debug Menu->Modules):

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Submit your bug report
The information in the bug report will be collated with any existing bug reports. If this fixed has already been identified and fixed we will send you instructions on how to get your bug fix. If this bug has not been seen before we will attempt to reproduce the bug and will contact you when we have a bug fix, a workaround or an explanation of the bug. Some bugs may require additional data from you to allow us to reproduce the bug.