Why software maintenance is a great insurance

By Stephen Kellett
12 February, 2014

Protecting yourself against the unexpected has received a mixed press of late. Nobody likes to feel they are paying over the odds for something that offers them no value with the chances of anything actually going wrong being very remote. It can be a tough call to decide whether protecting yourself is a nice to have or a necessity.

The software tools that we build are resilient and continuously updated based on feedback from both customers and evaluators. So there is a strong sense of certainty that whether you are working on code coverage, memory profiling, deadlock detection or performance profiling, our tools will provide the results you need. It is reassuring however, that should there be a problem; you’ll have the peace of mind to know that you have the support you need. Then you can get back to writing your code without further worry.

Software maintenance entitles you to all software updates released during the maintenance period. These software updates include bug fixes, new features, support for new operating systems and new versions of Visual Studio and any additional compilers that we decide to add support for.

Our software tools are also capable of self-updating. So the software will check for the availability of a new update and prompt you to ask if you are interested. If you are, all you need to do is simply login to our server, download and install the software and new license keys and then restart the software.

Software maintenance renewal pricing is realistic and is available at 25% of the cost of the currently listed price of the software. Should you forget to renew your maintenance agreement and it lapses before you realise it, you can upgrade to the current version of the software at 50% of the currently listed price of the software. This still represents excellent value for money but obviously you make the best savings by simply renewing the maintenance. It is very easy to manage your maintenance renewal from within your account.

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