Time to start talking…

By Stephen Kellett
3 November, 2006

We get feedback from customers from time to time. The feedback tells us about how useful our tools are, about any features in the tools that frustrate them or features they would like to see in the software. Occasionally we also get asked what we are working on and where we are going next.

I usually give a broad brush reponse to this question or if I know the person from previous email I may give a more detailed response. We have decided to add a blog to the site so that we can communicate a bit more about what we are doing and also so that we can announce a bit more clearly any cool things we’ve done that make using the tools that bit easier.

For example, wouldn’t it be great if we could detect that Venkman was trying to load and stop it, so that Venkman and our JavaScript tools don’t fight each other? Thats a common request and its been frustrating living with the fact that Venkman and FireBug (and any other JavaScript debugger) will stamp all over the hooks we’ve put in place and effectively disable our JavaScript software tools. No More! Our next release of JavaScript tools will not require you to uninstall or disable Venkman/Firebug etc.

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