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Development Porting to Win64
September 6, 2022
Stephen Kellett

Preserving x64 floating point registers from your C/C++ code.

In a previous article I explained how to preserve the x64 floating point registers. In this article I’m going to provide some code that allows […]

September 6, 2022
Stephen Kellett

Humble in the presence of greatness (or how to feel inadequate really quickly)

Last week I had the pleasure to attend a conference organised by Cambridge Wireless at Cambridge University Møller Centre, Cambridge. The event was free to […]

September 5, 2022
Stephen Kellett

Memory Fragmentation – mvFragmentation

Many software engineers and their managers struggle to understand what memory fragmentation is and the effects memory fragmentation can have on the software they produce. […]

Stephen Kellett

The Command Line Builder

Last week we introduced the command line builder to all our Validator tools.

Debugging Error Handling
February 28, 2022
Stephen Kellett

Using and Debugging Environment Variables

Environment variables can be used to configure the various Validator tools that we provide.

Stephen Kellett

Exceptions Codes you’ve never heard of

If you write software for any length of time you’ll have seen your software fail in a variety of ways.

Error Handling
January 11, 2022
Stephen Kellett

Fail Fast Codes

When Windows encounters an error condition that might compromise the security of the computer, the program that encounters that condition is terminated as fast as possible.

December 14, 2021
Stephen Kellett

log4j status

We’ve had a few inquiries from worried customers as to whether we use log4j and what our mitigation plan is if we do.

November 26, 2021
Stephen Kellett

Viewing source code that’s in the “wrong place”.

You’ve been given a program to debug. You’ve got the EXE and DLLs, and you’ve got the PDB files, so you can tell when the […]

October 29, 2021
Stephen Kellett

Code coverage with NUnit and Coverage Validator

In this blog post I’m going to give you an example for running .Net unit tests with NUnit and Coverage Validator. It’s the same process […]

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