List of UK currency exchanges that are not secure by default

By Stephen Kellett
15 December, 2017

This is one of several posts of the topic of security of websites. Inspired by my initial post on the security of UK banks.

The reason for splitting this data into multiple posts is to make it more manageable. So that data on one institution is not mixed with

data on another type of institution.

The following key is used for the secure status:

YesThe site is secure, loaded via https
InvalidThe site loads via https, but the security certificate is invalid and thus the site is
PartialThe site loads via https, but loads some parts of the page without https. The site is
NoThe site is loaded via http, not via https.
FixedThe site is loaded via https, but at the time of first writing it was loaded via
??We could not find a website to evaluate.

We tested 67 currency exchanges. We found 11 currency exchanges that did not have a secure home page (not https or did have https with an invalid security certificate). That is 16% of UK currency exchanges have security vulnerabilities

Currency ExchangeSecureHome Page
#1 CurrencyYes
American ExpressYes
Asda Travel MoneyYes
Barclays Bureau de changeYes
Barrhead TravelYes
Best ExchangeNo
Best Foreign ExchangeYes
BFC ExchangeYes
Central FXNo
City ForexYes
Change GroupYes
Compare Holiday MoneyYes
Covent Garden FXYes
Currencies for youYes
Currency converterYes
Currency mattersYes
Currency solutionsYes
Currency UKYes
Euro ChangeYes
Danske BankYes
Exchange RatesYes
First ChoiceYes
First RateYes
Global ExchangeYes
H & T GroupYes
Halifax Travel MoneyYes
Hargreaves LansdowneNo
HSBC ExpatYes
HSBC Travel MoneyYes
Internation Currency ExchangeYes
Kanoo Foreign ExchangeYes
KBR Foreign ExchangeYes
M & S Currency ExchangeYes
Money CorpYes
Money Saving ExpertYes
Natwest InternationalNo
Northwest Money ExchangeNo
Post Office MoneyYes
Ruislip CurrencyNo
Saga Travel MoneyYes
Sainsbury’s Bank Travel MoneyYes
Santander Travel MoneyYes
Senil Cash & GoYes
Smart Currency BusinessYes
Smart Currency ExchangeYes
Tesco Travel MoneyNo
The Currency ClubYes
The Money ShopYes
Thomas CookYes
Thomas Money ExchangeYes
World FirstYes
UAE ExchangeYes


I shouldn’t need to point this out, but i will, all the same, just to be clear.

The data provided on this page should taken at face value. If you’re not sure about something, please verify it yourself. Nothing reported here should be regarded as a criticism or an endorsement or recommendation of an organisations security effectiveness. I am simply passing comment on whether the home page (whatever that may be) is provided as https on not. Other security concerns are a separate matter.

If your organisation is listed here and is not marked as secure, your best course of action is to fix that, not to complain that someone is reporting a fact anyone with a web browser can discover. The security status of your home page is public information, albeit information that many people don’t understand.

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