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Stephen Kellett

MicroConf 2011 – Justin Vincent

Justin Vincent is the creator of pluggio a tool for managing your twitter account. Justin blogs at Justin talks about his experience prior to […]

Stephen Kellett

MicroConf 2011 – Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan currently runs AppSumo. Prior AppSumo, Noah worked at and Gambit. Noah blogs at   Noah starts his talk with an MP3 […]

Stephen Kellett

MicroConf 2011 – Patrick McKenzie

Patrick McKenzie starts with a “I didn’t believe I could do this” preamble explaining how he ended up learning Japanese and choosing a career with […]

Stephen Kellett

MicroConf 2011 – Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is author of the book I will teach you to be rich and also blogs at Ramit’s talk was excellent and I’m […]

Stephen Kellett

MicroConf 2011 – Mike Taber

Mike Taber runs his own consulting business and also writes, markets and sells a financial compliance auditing software tool for use in the banking industry. […]

Stephen Kellett

MicroConf 2011 – Rob Walling

Rob Walling is a parallel entrepreneur (he runs more than one business at a time), author and conference organiser. Rob blogs at Software by Rob. […]

Stephen Kellett

MicroConf 2011 – Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis has a successful track record launching and running several web based businesses. Sean talks about the various companies he has worked with and […]

Stephen Kellett

MicroConf 2011 – Andrew Warner of Mixergy

The first speaker at MicroConf was Andrew Warner of Mixergy. This write up is my take on Andrew’s talk. I’m listing the things Andrew picks […]

Stephen Kellett

MicroConf 2011

Two months ago I went MicroConf in Las Vegas. MicroConf is a conference for the self-funded statup, organised by Rob Walling and Mike Taber. I […]

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