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Thread Validator Help

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The main display

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The tab windows


The main display of Thread Validator consists of tabbed windows. Not all the tabs may be visible - see the Data Views menu to show any hidden tabs.


Each tab allows the data collected to be viewed, inspected and queried in different and complementary ways.


Typical usage might be to use the Summary, or various Locks tabs to monitor the thread activity in the target program, and then use another view to gain insights at a different granularity or about related functions and callstacks.


interactiveClick on an item in the picture below to find out more about each of the tabbed windows, or use the list further below:







Wait Chains







Hiding and showing tabs


Each tabbed window can be closed by clicking the small [x] on the right hand side of the tab. The window can be redisplayed from the Data Views menu.





Most windows use a small number of icons to indicate different types of data.