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The User Interface

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The part of Thread Validator that you get to see and interact with, is the user interface, but that's only one half of the story.


Behind the scenes, the stub installs and controls the data hooks in the target program and interacts with the user interface.


This section describes the various functions of the user interface so that you can get the most from using Thread Validator.



Typical workflow


Typical usage of Thread Validator is very simple:


Start your target program

Examine the thread lock acquisition strategy of the program

Close the program

Analyse final data - saving or exporting data if needed


However, there is much more to Thread Validator than this simple workflow. For example, whilst your program is running, you can display data and gain insight into a specific bug you are looking at in the debugger, or you can monitor the program as a whole, looking out for potential deadlock issues and check coverage of thread related functions.



The user interface


The user interface consists of the menus, toolbars, status bar and the main display tabs.


Read on to find out about all those features, or click parts of the image below to jump directly to any of the menus, tabs or other sections of interest.