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Performance Validator Help


Finding data in the views


In most views it's useful to be able to search the statistics for data of interest.


menu Tools menu instructionStep Find... instructionStep search for text in the current tabbed view


Or use the Find icons on the Tools toolbar.





The find dialog will be displayed. Depending on the active main tab, you'll see one of three different versions.


The Statistics and Relations tabs show a find dialog like the one below, with many different columns to search in:





The Line Times version shows a similar looking dialog, but with fewer columns in which to search:




The Call Tree, Call Graph and Analysis views all show fewer criteria with which to search the tree data.




The dialogs all have a similar behaviour, differing only in the list of checkboxes for each searchable criteria in each tab.


The dialogs don't block interaction with the data views so you can keep them open while you inspect the results or continue searching.



Common options on all find dialogs


The controls on the right of each find dialog are the same in each version.


Text to search for instructionStep enter the search terms


Case sensitive instructionStep tick to make the search match the case of the search terms exactly


Match whole word instructionStep tick to match the terms only if they're not part of longer words


If searching for numerical values, entering something like 1,330.71 would count as one 'word'.


Search Up/Down instructionStep set the search direction relative to the currently selected row in the data


Find instructionStep highlights the next matching row, or beeps to indicate no match found



Controls unique to each find dialog


The left hand options on each dialog are labeled with one of the following:


the name of a column of data - for tabs with tabulated data


the name of an item of information - for tabs with tree data formats


Tick one or more boxes matching the criteria you want to search.