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Instrumentation Log Data

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Instrumentation Log Data


It can be very useful to know why your code hasn't been instrumented. For example, a file or part of a file you were expecting to receive coverage information may have been excluded by one or more of the class, file, DLL or or other filters in the Global Settings dialog.


To log details of why dlls, source files, classes, methods and functions are not instrumented, first switch on the instrumentation logging settings.


Once enabled, and a session has started, you can view a list of the files that have not been instrumented via the Tools menu.


menu Tools menu instructionStep Instrumentation Logging Data... instructionStep shows the Instrumentation Log Data dialog




The dialog shows:


log order


the name of the item that hasn't been instrumented

the reason why each item wasn't instrumented


Example reasons why an item might not be instrumented include the following:


MFC file ignored

Microsoft C Runtime file ignored

Microsoft DLL ignored

CRT DLL ignored

Software Verify's own DLL ignored

Class or function excluded by class and function filters

File extension excluded by hook source file type filters

Files excluded by source files filters