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Memory Validator Help




Bookmarks are event markers in the allocation history. You can use the Bookmarks dialog to jump back to a bookmarked location any time.


Bookmarks are only used in the Memory and Analysis tabs.



Adding bookmarks


Adding bookmarks is very similar to adding watermarks.


You can add new bookmarks directly from allocation items displayed in the Memory and Analysis tabs, using the popup menu options.


Bookmarks added this way are initially named using the .exe or DLL and the function name as in the picture below, but you can change this if you want.


Alternatively, you can add a bookmark at the most recent recorded allocation event:


menu Managers menu instructionStep choose Add bookmark at most recent trace instructionStep enter a name instructionStep click OK


Or use the option on the Session Toolbar:




note The most recent trace event may not actually be visible in any of the displays as it could be filtered or hidden for other reasons.



The bookmarks dialog


When a session is active, you can show the bookmark manager to see a list of bookmarks, change their names, or jump to a bookmark location:


menu Managers menu instructionStep Bookmark Manager... instructionStep shows the Bookmarks dialog


Or use the Session Toolbar option:




Unlike watermarks, bookmarks are shown in the order you add them.




note The bookmarks dialog can only be shown when the Memory or Analysis tab is open.



Jumping to bookmark locations


The most useful option in this dialog is the Goto:


Goto instructionStep scrolls the open tab to the selected bookmark and selects it

Double clicking on the bookmark also jumps to its location.



Managing bookmarks


There's also a few options for renaming and removing bookmarks:


Edit... instructionStep rename the selected bookmark


Delete instructionStep delete the selected bookmark


Delete All instructionStep delete all the bookmarks in the list


You can't change bookmark locations. If you want to do that, delete the bookmarks you don't want and add new ones.