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Query and Search

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Tools to search for allocations


The following tools help you find memory and handle allocations using different criteria and are all found on the Query Menu.


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Search instructionStep use the Find Sychronization Object dialog to search the data in some of the tab views for synchronization events


Find Function instructionStep use the Find Functions dialog to search for synchronization enter/exits and synchronization object allocations/deallocation occurring in certain functions


Single Thread Critical Section Detector instructionStep use the Single Thread Critical Section Detector dialog detect potentially unnecessary synchronization objects that have only been used in one thread


Display stack traces for all threads instructionStep use the Deadlocked Thread PostMortem dialog to analyse your application that has already deadlocked


Deadlock detection instructionStep Perform deadlock detection in your application


Potential deadlock detection instructionStep Perform potential deadlock detection in your application


Display lock order instructionStep use the Locks and Waits in Sequence Order dialog to display the order in which locks and waits were entered