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Finding critical sections only used in one thread

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Searching for critical sections only used in one thread


Using the Single Thread Critical Section Detector dialog below, you can search for potentially unnecessary synchronization objects that have only been used in one thread.


If further examination within your program confirms the critical sections are not needed, you may be able to improve performance in your program by removing them.



The Single Thread Critical Section Detector dialog


To show this dialog, choose the menu option below:


menu Query menu instructionStep choose Single Thread Critical Section Detector... instructionStep displays the dialog below


Or use the following icon on the Query Toolbar.









Display options


Display one/all entry per critical section instructionStep show just one use of a given critical section by one thread, or show all uses


Clear instructionStep remove any existing results from the display



Finding results


Find instructionStep performs the search, displaying results in the list

note Results are appended to any previous search results.


You can expand the search results, and double click the data items to edit source code in your preferred editor.




Examples of finding objects used in one thread


Thread Validator has an example program you can use to safely explore features.


In the example program, the Test menu has options for starting deadlock threads:




After starting deadlock Thread 1, that menu option is disabled and clicking Find on the Single Thread dialog shows two results: