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Memory Validator Help


Heap names


Heap names are used in the following locations in Memory Validator for convenient identification of heaps:


Filter definition dialog when filtering by handle allocation using a Heap ID

Memory tab when showing the allocation location against a data item



Naming heaps


The named heap manager lets you view and edit the heap names that are shown when inspecting allocations in heaps that Memory Validator is aware of..


menu Managers menu instructionStep Named Heaps... instructionStep shows the Named Heaps dialog below





The list shows any known heaps with ID and name.


Heap names will be shown if they were already assigned using the Memory Validator API function mvSetHeapName().


Debug and Release C Runtime Heaps will be automatically named.



Changing heap names


You can name a heap directly:


Double click a box in the name column instructionStep enter the name instructionStep click outside the box to finish